My philosophy is a creative business approach – bringing together like-minded people – Networks that connect others through artistic projects.

I started Media Channel Marketing – a consulting business for online marketing, social networking and web site management in 2009. My years of experience in Project Management opened the doors for discovering my passion for consulting, artists projects and marketing.

My business approach delivers simple, creative communication techniques – I make connections and use creative management techniques that deliver powerful marketing campaigns for clients – being able to discern client’s needs and to implement their vision, connect them with their target markets and communicate business strategies for successful interactions.

My work requires research, patience and constant attention to detail – these skills are used with a variety of clients requiring different objectives yet delivering the same powerful results. Relating to the technical side of search engine management and the new strategies of social online marketing networks, website management and social media integration can be challenging for clients. The results have been phenomenal, several clients rank on the first page of Google Search results  and most have a more focused web presence, and others have found their true passion from an hour of consulting with me. I work with a business approach and a passion for helping clients achieve their goals.
Throughout the years of working as a Consultant, I found my greatest achievement and strength is teaching clients the infrastructure of the social network marketing community.

Half The Money I Spend On Advertising Is Wasted; The Thing Is, I Don’t Know Which Half

- John Wanamaker, department store mogul


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